Check out the trailer starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Robin Wright!

This newest trailer diverges from its predecessors the most in its reveal of more of more of Diana’s backstory on Themyscira and her training as an Amazonian warrior. What we’ve seen before has mostly been of her journey into the world of man and the “Great War”, but this starts way further back, starting out with Diana as a child. It’s not clear if this is in flashback or if the movie will unfold chronologically, but it’s exciting to know the story will be a complete origins story, even teasing the “truth about what she is,” although previous trailers have already revealed that she was “brought to life by Zeus.”

There’s still no reveal of any major villain, only Dr. Poison and General Erich Ludendorff as seen in earlier trailers, despite the presence of Ares, the God of War, all but confirmed. Even so, Wonder Woman might be taking a different approach to its villain, and it’s exciting to see the marking keeping that side of the story mostly spoiler-free so far.

Overall, the trailer looks great and should help maintain excitement for the movie and Gal Gadot’s second appearance as Wonder Woman. If marketing continues to look this promising, Wonder Woman could finally be the movie audience and critics have both been looking for.