By staff writer

Radio and Weasel manager ‘Chagga’ has also come out to address the public about FDC’s statement telling fans to Boy Cott their Music concerts. Chagga also took off time and cleared the air about them losing fans because Mickie Wine set the same concert date with their ‘Omwana wa’bandi’ concert.

Chagga was quoted via a phone conversation; “We have no problem with FDC’s boy cot siege,Fans who appreciate our music will always come to support us at our music shows and concerts. No one can intimidate us,everyone has a right to support any candidate he or she wants.And for Mickie Wine,his fans who love his old music will come and attend on his show venue where Kiiza Besigye will also be the chief Guest as he claimed. We shall also have our fans filling up Hotel Africana as always.”