By EnewsUG team

Diamond Platnumz’s Manager Salaam while at Chris Brown show in Mombasa, is allegedly to have switched off the Microphone while Ali Kiba was Performing.

Sources say at first there was a stand off with Wiz Kid when Tanzanian Alikiba declined declined to perform before the Nigerian superstar. “Kiba felt he’s bigger in Kenya than WizKid hence he couldn’t understand why he was scheduled to perform before.”

In the end Alikiba had his way and Performed after Wizkid and just before Chris Brown. But that was not all. Its alleged that Alikiba had time enough for 3 songs after which his performance was ended to pave way for Chris Brown.
Sound Engineers and DJ T Boy say Chris Brown Security & Management ordered the mic to be switched off when Alikiba was Performing while Alikiba says it was Diamonds Manager who did it coz he saw him back stage.

“I had access to the backstage through WIZKID because We are friends and partners. I left backstage immediately when Wizkid finished his performance. I was 50m away from Backstage when Alikiba was performing and I witnessed Chris Brown Security complaining and ordering Alikiba to stop his performance and to make it clear, I wasn’t backstage when Alikiba was performing”, Diamond’s Manager ‘Salaam’ said.