voltage music-Kent and Flosso

By staff writer

Voltage Music set to shoot Stamina Video in China

If there are two things Ugandans have come to expect from the Voltage duo of Kent and Flosso, is great music and creative big budget videos. From the looks of things, they are at it again with their latest club banger: Stamina. After the massive success of their mega hits Pull Up and Chezam mama on Trace, MTV and other East African TVs, the duo have now set their usual creative sights on Stamina – their latest mega club banger. News reaching our desk is that the duo are in talks with Li, a renown Chinese music video director.

According to reliable sources, the duo wants to shoot the Ugandan scenes by Sasha Vybz, Uganda’s biggest video director and leave the China scenes to Li, who understands the cultural nuances of his native country China. After seeing the output of Cheza mama, we can only imagine what this new hit will do in propelling the carrier of the Kent and Flosso.

We shall bring you every development as it unfolds on this new project by Uganda’s fast rising duo.


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