Getting a tatoo can be a very big step,One of the hardest parts about getting your first tattoo is finding a professional artist to do the right job and bring whatever you want to life.

And while he might not be old enough to get a tattoo himself, 12-year-old Ezrah “The Shark” Dormon is well on his way to becoming the next big thing in tattoo artistry.

Dormon’s love of the ink gun started when he accompanied his mother to get a tattoo at a Honolulu tattoo shop. When tattoo artist Ali Garcia noticed the pre-teen’s interest in the art of tattooing, she decided to let the boy help fill in his mother’s tattoo. Ever since that day, Garcia has taken him under her wing. His progress is astounding.

Dormon has already had the pleasure of tattooing nearly 20 people.

Would you let a pre-teen practice his tattoo skills on you? Let us know you’re thoughts on the pint-sized artist down below. After that, be sure to follow him on Instagram.