Mastula Mutaasa daughter to renowned tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero tries to avoid the limelight, but it seems to follow her everywhere she goes. As friends were getting startled about the fact that she had a boob job (surgery,) news reaching our desk has it that she is having yet another surgery. This time, to enhance her ass. “She wants it jiggly and big,” sources reveal.

Mastuula with hunk and tycoon boyfriend, Nasser Isaac who paid for her 80k dollars surgery

 According to a close friend of hers, her tycoon fiance Nasser Isaac is spending $80,000 (approximately UGX 304,000,000) for her to have the surgery.

Mastuula with Dr Curves, who has worked on many European celebrities, just before the butt surgery.

Our sources further reveal that the surgery is being performed by big time celebrity American surgeon, Dr Curves in Atlanta. “The celebrity surgeon has worked on almost all

the female celebrities in the American entertainment industry, but as is with plastic surgery and such body alterations, only a few admit. Among those that admit through taking pictures with Dr Curves are renowned female rapper  Cardi B,” relayed a close friend to Mastuula.

Dr Curves with Cardi B, one of the celebrity that Mastuula Mutaasa clients

As of Thursday, 28th June, she was already in Atlanta with Dr Curves ready to undergo the surgery. Pictures of her and the famous Dr Curves have since emerged to affirm that indeed, she flew to Atlanta.