By Solomon A

If you thought that the current wave kidnaps were only for human beings, think again. For faded singer Martin Nkoyoyo alias Yoyo claimed that his war bus number plates were kidnapped over the weekend as kidnappers have now resorted to that as he was left puzzled with what to do next.

“Man, people are now very difficult as they have turned away from kidnapping people and are now resorted to kidnapping number plates”, he said. He went on to say, “both my number plates were taken and my registration number was UAT 061 C . so whoever can trace the number please do help as my I can’t move out any more”.

Yoyo is commonly remembered for appearing on television in a dramatic and scandalous fight trying to claim for a child who didn’t belong to him while he lamented that he took full care of the woman’s pregnancy. He is famed for big tunes that rocked the early 2010 such as; Alululu, Ansana among others.


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