At the height of violence induced by the refusal of the Ugandan community to accept acts of homosexuality, 2 ladies in their mid 30’s a one Berna Nalweyiso and Emily Birungi have gone missing.

A reliable source intimated to us that the two were last seen at Enro hotel Mityana having dinner.

The two ladies, as we can reliably establish, are victims of a complex death scare through mob justice from their area of residence. They, according to sources, survived a public lynching.

It all started when the two were seen at Enro Hotel Mityana enjoying intimate moments.They however got intoxicated and forgot to mind about the surroundings when their simple hugs graduated into blown out french kissing and butt groping. A neighbor saw them and followed them to their home to establish that they were indeed, lesbians.

The same neighbors started spying on them and thereafter, the plan to Lynch them became a public secret, so much so that the two women started leaving in fear. A source relays that the two stated that the two reducing on their outings to avoid being monitored.

On the fateful day, however, luck wasn’t on their side. The landlady was tipped off and the two ladies were caught ready handed, drinking, kissing and romancing in the house courtesy of the intoxication.

The landlady who caught them asked them to leave her house and the village immediately or else she calls the local authority.The two disappeared in the wee hours of the night the next day .

The one in the picture was a regular customer at Richmond internet Cafe where she could wait for her partner then later go out for dinner or a pub for a drinks. Our snoop was still spying on them only to be told that they left as they were chased out of the village.

No one knows about their whereabouts. Efforts by relatives to track them on their phones have since been futile. We only hope they are safe,and that their bodies wouldn’t suffice as has been the case with many ugandan women the whole of this year.