By Staff Writer

Forget the faded Ganda Boys (Da Twinz) , celebrity stylist Ryan Chris and his twin brother Joel Banina are now venturing into music and are set to release their first single this month.

The brothers revealed to us how they have been with this idea of joining the industry for quite a long time until this year when they decided to take it on as a profession

“We have always wanted to take on this journey but we had never felt as ready as feel we are now, we have had months of practice and alot of time in studio working on our songs that will be released before the end of this month”  they told this website

“Music has always been part of us throughout our childhood, we have powerful vocals and we feel it is the right time to show the world what we have got” the Paris based Ugandan singers added

In a bid to conquer the Ugandan music industry, the twins revealed how they will be spending more time home (Uganda) than usual, in order to promote and expand their music all over the country.

The singers real names Ryan Chris Banina and Joel Baniana, will be using a stage Name “The Baninas” which is derived from their sir name Banina and they have a record label already “Banina Empire”




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