Rich Gang Agrees to Replace Ivan Ssemwanga at December Party

The Rich gang group before Ivan died

Rich gang, arguably the biggest spenders’ group in Uganda has finally agreed to replace the fallen Ivan Ssemwanga.

It shall be recalled that before his death, Ivan was the president of the group.

Currently, the group only comprises of Ed Cheune and King Lawrence, among other not-so-known personalities.

Sources inside the have told this website that the group has resolved to vote for a new member in December, during their annual party set for December this year.

Speaking to us on condition of anonymity, a source tipped us on some of the pre-requisites, saying no member shall be allowed if conditions are not met.

“To join rich gang, one should be extremely loaded and ready to spend what he has,” a source told us.

It shall be remembered that ever since Ivan’s unfortunate demise, many personalities have expressed interest in taking up his position.

Among the probable candidates includes SK Mbuga, Cameroon Gitawo, King Lawrence, Don Bahati, among others.

Recently there have been reports that King Lawrence and Don Bahati have been feuding over who is the rightful heir to the Rich Gang throne.

As it stands however, the replacement will be unveiled at the party to be held on a yet-to-be-communicated date.

We shall keep you posted.

Below are some of the members who want the position:

Don Bahati
King Lawrence