Rich Gang  Agrees to Host Blessers’ Ball in December

Ed Cheune

South African based businessmen Rich Gang seem to be considering a rebrand as regards their annual spenders’ party.

Exclusive information we have received is that the group has resolved to introduce new party themes ahead of the much anticipated festive season.

“They want to hold a blessers ball, where big spenders will converge and splash cash around ladies,” a source told us.

We have also learnt that on top of their December 19th party, the group may have other plush bashes.

“They’re also considering a “December Kings” theme,” a source informed us.

Our tipsters have also revealed that the December Kings theme is meant to erase all notions that the Rich gang legacy could have gone with Ivan Semwanga.

As regards the dates, our source revealed that the group is still contemplating on whether to have it under their main party, or hold different other parties.

Ed Cheune, King Lawrence and others are expected to be at the fulcrum of these bashes.

It shall be recalled that the group recently agreed to vote for Ivan Semwanga’s replacement as contenders continue to shwo interest.

Key among the probable replacement includes Don Bahati, King Lawrence , Ed Cheune and SK Mbuga.


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