Van Data joins charity work with 22stars for Good heart.

Singer Van Data is another artiste who has always been involved in charity works. Latest developments indicate that the singer is now part of a Charity organisation based in Acholo quarters. Van Data has reportedly been posting on his social media posts and pictures from this organisation known as 22stars where he visits almost every Sunday.

Through our findings the organisation is owned by one Romana Stella who rumor has that could be dating the singer. Stella’s latest Facebook posts have the singer tagged in every post which has increased suspicions.

This has left many confused if the artist is there for helping hand or for the beautiful Mzungu being known as one of the artists with a soft heart for Mzungus. The organisation is based in Acholi quarters and jinja looking after over 150 kids. We are still waiting for Van Data to give a clear view about this.

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