By staff writer

Ugandan Rapper Mun G has finally quit paying rent fees hence avoiding landlord voices every month. The ‘sala puleesa’ singer’s new house is now complete. He is expected to move in with his small family and perhaps with friends too. The singer will now join the likes of Geofrey Lutaaya,Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon,kenzo among who posses their own houses around town.

Mun*G who has been saving money from shows while building his mansion has finally completed it with the ‘Pepsi’ deal money he got last month.  The rapper is now said to be planning a house warming party as he prepares to officially start living there.

Mun-G completes House-1
Mun-G’s house earlier this year..

Mun-G completes House-4
Mun-G completes House-2 Mun-G completes House-3