By staff writer

Its now a norm for assailants to always wait for their prey at their home gates, robbing them clean, while running off with all their essentials, so three celebrities have faced the wrath of the ruthless thugs who not only rob but leave them hurt. Tinah Teise, Jose Chameleone and Danz kumapeesa have been among the victims.

NTV’s Frank Walusimbi is still alive because of God’s mercy. “Folks trying to call me – I lost my phones and other items to thugs who attacked me Wednesday night while at the gate of my home. Thank God I am safe. Will get back on air soon”, he posted on facebook.

The ‘Tuwaaye’ presenter also added on, “This problem is rampant especially in Kira, Namugongo, Bulindo and Najjeera. If you live there you’ve got to be more careful”