At a time when the national pageant, Miss Uganda is marred by confusion and its future is shrouded by such uncertainty, there is an answer to Uganda pageant lovers. It is in the form of Miss Pearl Beauty Pageant.

After holding regionals for the last 6 months, the organizers of the Miss Pearl Beauty Pageant, Pearl Beauty Uganda will be in Kampala tomorrow Saturday 16th December 2017. They will be holding auditions for central regions such as Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Entevve, Hoima among others.

The auditions will take place at Garden City Rooftop starting at mid-day. The organizers have announced that they will serve refreshments.

It should be noted that the Miss Pearl Beauty Pageant burst into the lime light a few months ago when many social critics hailed their recruitment policy. Their theme; Beauty without boundaries, drawn from their campaign, Celebrating the African Woman attracted many women.

“The African woman is not skinny or malnourished or any of those pictures peddled across the borders. The African woman is fleshy. Not fat. But fleshy. And this is not to downplay the beauty of the skinny woman. She is also beautiful. But she is not the only one that should be considered in the pageant business. That should be the contrast between beauty queens and runway models. And it is what we want to bring out. We seek to celebrate confident women. You don’t need to be skinny to make it. We are welcoming women in different shapes and sizes. As long as one is in good shape (not fat) and they believe they have what it takes to represent Uganda, come to the Garden City Rooftop tomorrow at noon and be a part of it,” relayed proprietor, Olivia Nambuya.