By EnewsUG team

Men flock Poa Poa bar for Hot Rwandese Car Washers

The past couple of weeks have been punctuated by reforms in Bright Onak’s life. Shortly after acquiring big chunks of land in Adjumani, Sironko and Kotido for trade, the comedian went on to acquire a bar in Naalya. For those oblivious, Poa Poa, former Blue Ice Bar in Naalya has registered an astounding increase in customers only 2 weeks after rebranding.

The comedians work started last week, with a number of remarkable refurbishments at the new bar. And already, the results are visible. The bar, formerly owned by Sharon O, was the subject of talk around town recently. With many finding it hard to believe that the comedian is indeed the owner of the bar. When we called the comedian for a statement, he confirmed ownership of the new bar.

“The Landlord of the bar is a very friendly guy called Mwebesa. But I don’t want to delve in the details of how I got to ownership of the bar. What matters right now is that i own the bar, and whatever happened at the premises before us should stay behind us. We are focusing on making it the ultimate hang out spot in Kampala. And that is the only thing I want to talk about,” he relayed.

And it looks like he meant it. Sources assert that ever since he took over, he has changed the face of the bar.

“Poa Poa is the new talk of town. Situated strategically by the roadside, many people driving by the Naalya-Kisaaasi-Kyanja road stop by because of the exquisite ambience to catch a quick pint as the jam decreases,” relayed our source.

Many however argue that the major cause of the new traffic at the Poa Poa Bar are the hot Rwandese girls that were recently hired.

“The new hot waitresses, both in the washing bay section and the bar, are the new talk of most of the surburbs around town. Men have been thronging the bar to see for themselves,” explained a source.