Olga said it all about her life, experience and future prospect of her make up business as detailed below;
As a freelance Make-up Artist specializing in Film, Fashion TV & Media make-up; All I can say is am truly blessed to be doing a job that am so in love and passionate about.

My style of makeup is to insure that the client gets the best result and am constantly so excited by the incredible transformative power of make-up!

As a girl, I was fascinated by the effect of beautiful women in magazines like
VOGUE, MARIE CLAIRE, VANITY FAIR etc. I always wondered how they managed to look so beautiful and flawless and would envisage my self looking like them

I left Uganda at the age of roughly 16 and moved to the UK to settle with my family. I studied Beauty Therapy and media studies at London College of fashion.

I grew up in a fashionable London and was always captivated about ‘looks’ and ‘Trends’.

A few years passed and I was debating on whether to start a family or concentrate on my career….Eventually this confusion resulted in a beautiful daughter who is now 3 years old and is the love of my life.

One day whilst minding my own on a train back home, I happened stumble across this lady who threw me off the rails! We had a bit of a ‘chin wag’ and this is when she told me she was a make-up artist and just finished work on a big movie set.

She went on and told me how she was a qualified LAWYER but left her job as she had no passion for it or got any satisfaction from it.

She told me about her inspiring career and encouraged me to go back and train at one of the Top and Elite schools of make-up (DFMA academy). She was my introduction back into the make-up/fashion industry.

Being a make-up artist can be mesmerizing, competitive and challenging.
I have learnt that whatever you do, a woman always wants to leave that chair feeling not only beautiful but also powerful and sexy!

I now have the opportunity and feel the need to share some of my expertise and experiences that I have learnt and achieved in the make-up industry as I feel there Is a big gap of well trained make-up Artist/Beauticians in kampala.

It is my passion to bring all the expertise and skills I have learnt and help educate the in ‘ins and outs’ of this lucrative industry..

If you asked me what my dream was, I would say to you I wish to be the “Val Garland” of Africa…I look up to her, she is a GOD in the make-up industry