There is a war brewing between two media Personalities Anita Fabiola and Tina Teise after the former invading a territory that was clearly sealed off.

We have it on good record that Fabiola spent her weekend serving live leg to Rich Gang Boss Ed Cheune who also bonks NTV Login presenter Tina Teise.

Now over the weekend, Fabiola set up base at Cheune’s apartment in Dubai where she spread legs as if her life depended on it.

This is hardly a month after Tina Teise doing the same, on the same bed.

Tina Teise

“They are both smart girls, but this may create a real rift between them,” a source said.

After their live sessions, we are informed that Cheune took Fabiola for shopping in a Gucci store where she picked items of her choice.

Fabiola instantly flashed them on Snapchat thanking Cheune for the treat.

“Thanks Ed for my Phone case, I love It,” she shared.

Here’s a video of Fabiola at Cheune’s apartment in Dubai.