By staff writer

Having released “Mpa Love” that is still rocking the airwaves featuring Weasel Manizo, He(King Saha) has affirmed that he has made a musical album with Weasel.

The ‘On my Way’ hit maker has disclosed that he has made and recorded an Album of over fifteen (15) songs with Weasel Manizo that shall be released soon. The musician asserts that he can never jointly work with Weasel as one brand but rather as different brands musically.

“Already we have an album that we shall soon release and honestly I can’t replace Radio and can not sign to Goodlyfe and I’m a big brand with a different management” King Saha asserted.

King Saha further disclosed that his relationship with the Goodlyfe and Weasel is just a mutual relationship and that all musical projects are collaborations.