Jokoping University Conference goes viral

Social Media has, for the past couple of weeks, been littered with remarks on the astronomical fees Ugandan Educational institutions are charging. With many of the societal critics citing that the country’s educational system no longer strides academically because the owners of the institutions no longer care about the quality of the education, and instead, have channeled their focus to making the students pass exams. And just when we thought that cyber debacle was induced by January blues, and that it was washed away with the February financial relief, there is a new debate in town. A debate drawn out of the focal discussion points slated to be discussed in a conference organized by Swedish Institution, Jokoping University (23rd-24th Feb) has gone viral on social media.

The debate has created sides against and for the Ugandan Education system. Yet according to a skype interview with International students representative for the Jokoping University; Mark Asiimwe, the conference (slated to take place at Karibu Hall, Hotel Triangle) is not disputing the Ugandan education system but rather, giving the seeds of the system a well fertilized germination.

“I have a rare type of education here. My knowledge in Entrepreneurship has vastly expanded, yet with the accreditation from this university and its affiliation with other Universities and multinational companies, I get to exercise the skill-set I acquire because of the presence of equally vast opportunities. Also, on the lighter side of a student’s life, (         which is as vital as any of the other aspects)  there is  pick up service and active student union which makes life more fan as a student through the hordes of fun and educational trips,” relayed Mark Asiimwe.

Mark Asiimwe that the university is a meeting place for cultures across the world.

“When I walk across campus on an ordinary day I can hear languages from all over the world spoken around me, although I only under- stand a few of them. Here, by the shores of Lake Vättern, we have created something unique: an international  community with a personal touch.

But Jönköping University is also very Swedish. Well-organized and responsible in its actions, just as many would expect it to be. This is a modern university that thrives in a changing world, and combines academic tradition with curiosity and professionalism. Here you will meet innovative and creative minds from across the globe – including from Småland, the province where we reside. Sweden is ranked as one of the world’s top nations when it comes to innovation- making it one of the most innovative countries in the European Union, a position that we nurture here in Jönköping.

THE REAL WORLD. When you study at Jönköping University you get an education with high academic standard and profound real-world relevance. Contacts with business and society come naturally and the majority of our students find relevant jobs after graduating. During your time here you will also have the possibility to start your own enterprise at our renowned business incubator, Science Park Jönköping.

Studying at Jönköping University will not only give you a first-rate education, but also new experiences and the opportunity to grow as a person,” relayed Asiimwe.