The world’s best-selling whisky, Johnnie Walker will this Thursday August 31, 2017 help the country’s bankers to let their hair down by treating them to a first of its kind Unwind event at Brisk Lounge.

Unwind is an after-work social gathering which will feature individuals from a different profession every month. The Johnnie Walker-sponsored do is slated to host bankers and professionals from the field of micro-finance, at its first edition this week, with comedian Alex Muhangi as the celebrity guest.

“The Johnnie Walker brand depicts progress and moving forward. As such we couldn’t have chosen a better inspirational and strategic forum to be a part of. Guests should expect the best mentorships, and socialising, while sipping on our great whisky,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Uganda Breweries’ Head of Whisky.

According to the event organiser, Christian Lenana, Unwind is about enabling corporates ease up after a hard month at work. “We’ve partnered with Johnnie Walker to create special evenings for each profession across the year.

“Those attending should expect lots of good offers for drinks and food with an opportunity to catch up with friends across the same profession, at carefully selected lounges.”

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