By staff writer

Within just 24 hours, alot of stuff has escalated between Ivan and Diamond Platnumz. Its is alleged that Ivan actually has a house where Zari and the kids have been living up to date. Diamond’s post has caused a stir within the family and now the hot head ‘Ivan Semwanga’ has fired back at Zari amidst rumors of also throwing her out of his house in South Africa.

Ivan tried to get at Zari in his birthday message as quoted, “Happy Birthday to Mama wabana translating to ‘Mother of my children’, My Personal Secretary, Owenene ( meaning a woman with a big P@ssy)”

He then fired shot at the Tanzanian music star, “Finally, he has learnt how to splash some cash, anyway getting rich at an old age is something bad, am annoyed at this village boy’s actions”, Ivan Semwanga said.