It’s a rare thing to find these days – a couple with a chemistry and a love so solid that nothing is ever going to be able to topple that relationship that they have. So what is it that makes these kinds of couples and relationships so special? Why is it that these couples seem to find more success than other couples? What parts of their relationships do all other couples have to emulate for themselves?

They stay honest and realistic with one another.

The healthiest couples are never dishonest with one another. Honesty in a relationship is a huge indicator of compatibility and respect. And you can never have a healthy relationship with a person who you lie to.

They both respect each other’s individuality and personal interests.

Just because you get into a relationship doesn’t mean that you give up your individuality. The both of you should still be living your own individual lives – and you should both be supporting one another while doing so.

They make it a point to manage conflict maturely.

All couples are going to have arguments. All couples will have disagreements. But the strongest couples are the ones who really know how to manage conflicts healthily and maturely. They always maintain open minds and they genuinely try to meet each other halfway.

They always go to each other first when there is good news to share.

And that goes for bad news as well. Whenever there is important news to share in general, the healthiest couples always make sure to turn to the ones they care about the most – each other.