Writing a blog post is a little like driving; you can study the basics for a long time, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel. Same here, until you start actual writing you can never know the best approach.

Here are some ideas about how to write a blog post  and keep the actual writing part interesting and make the whole process a good use of your time;

1. Understand your audience.

When or before you write a blog post, you need to clearly understand your audience, what they need or want to know about. Knowing their interests will help you come up will relevant topics and articles for your blog and keep you visitors engaged while you keep coming up with more blog posts.

For example, if your readers are looking to start a business, maybe make money online “whatever the topic is” you probably don’t need to provide them with information about getting started with social media, you might however give them more insight about how to approach social media from a more personal and business oriented approach. thats what may differentiate you from generic stuff.

2. Start with a topic and working title.

When writing a blog post, a topic is very important. the topic can be general to strt with. Say you are a doctor, you might start out thinking that you want to write about bacterial infections, then you can come up with a few ways of approaching the topic to help focus your writing. For instance ” 5 common causes of bacterial infections“. this can help you start writing.

3. Write an intro (and make it interesting).

Here the most important aspect is to grab the reader’s attention. this is not easy because you have to come up with pretty interesting stuff. if you lose the reader in the first few sentences then they will probably stop reading before they give your post a fair chance. An example of engaging the reader can be telling a joke, or maybe stating an interesting fact.

Hereafter you can decribe the purpose of the post and explain abit about its importance. this will give the reader a reason to keep reading.

4. Organize your content.

Most times, a blog post can have an overwhelming amount of information for the reader and the writer. The trick is to organize the info so readers are not pushed away by the length or amount of content. The organization can take multiple forms lists, tips, whatever is most appropriate. But it must be organized!
To complete this step, all you really need to do is outline your post. That way, before you start writing, you know which points you want to cover, and the best order in which to do it.

5. Writing the content.

We couldnt forget about this of course, its what makes the blog post. Now that you have your outline, you can use it as a guide. Make sure to expand all your points as needed. write about everything you know, do additional research, incorporate external sources to back up your points.

Having trouble coming up with sentences, dont worry your not alone. there are alot of tools that can help you improve your writing: Power Thesaurus, Cliche Finder.

6. Edit/proofread your post.

You’re not quite done yet, but you’re close! The editing process is an important part of blogging, don’t overlook it. Make sure you choose a visually appealing and relevant image for your post. As social networks treat content with images more prominently, visuals are now more responsible than ever for the success of your blog content in social media. In fact, it’s been shown that content with relevant images receives 94% more views than content without relevant images. No one likes an ugly blog post. And it’s not just pictures that make a post visually appealing, it’s the formatting and organization of the post, too.

Finally, its always important to optimise your blog post, make it SEO friendly, this will help search engines easily find your content. Let us know what you think about our tips in a comment.


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