“Girl Rising” Film Rakes in UGX 5.7M in Debut Screening

As we earlier reported, there have been various screenings of the charity-driven “Girl Rising” film at

Acacia Mall.

With a prospect of UGX 200M, the film managed to rise over UGX 5.7M from the maiden edition held

almost two weeks ago.

From then however, there have been two more editions held on Friday 7 th and 8 th at Century Cinemax,

Acacia Mall.

According to Mr. Ochatre Nixon the Executive Director of the Private Education Development Fund

(PEDN), the campaign will also be taken to schools, to raise awareness about Girl child education.

“We intend to take the project to schools, major schools around. This will go on until Women’s day next

year” he said.

For starters, this is a project driven by PEDN and USAID through cinema screenings of the acclaimed film,

Girl Rising, a documentary movie highlighting the global campaign for girls’ education. This movie

follows 9 girls from Haiti, Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Egypt, Peru, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan

on their journey to education.