By staff writer

Having been referred to as a ‘Little man’ by Apass, singer Geosteady lost it and also fired back asserting that if A Pass thinks he is bigger in the industry, talking is not singing, that the game Geosteady was talking about was the music game not the talking game. He moved on and dared A Pass to come out and post or tweet any picture from his own concerts or even dare him for a music battle if he is that good. Geosteady has given A Pass a hard task because because up to now the ‘Wuuyo’ singer hasn’t replied.

Yet as we talk, Geosteady did two successful one man shows last year 2017 that was Geosteady Live which completely sold out and Dine with Geosteady at Serena which also sold out. In his words, he further said that Geosteady has helped a lot A Pass in entertaining his fans since he has been off the musical charts that he should even be thankful for that or else he will stop singing and sees who will entertain A Pass’ fans.

“My brother I know you make a lot of practice home up to the kitchen but now this level is for only people with microphones in public. Talking is not singing mind you baby teacher. I have helped u a lot entertaining your fans when you have been out there off the musical scene and I am going to stop singing I have helped you enough” Geosteady threw a heavy stone at A Pass’ head. We are waiting for what A Pass will reply and shall inform you.