The Forbes list of the worlds richest is out and Microsoft co founder Bill gates tops the list of the worlds richest billionaires.Gates wealth is now estimated at $86 billion.He is followed by Warren Buffet with a net worth of $75.6 billion.

Others in top ten include amazon founder Jeff Bozos at number three,Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg at five and co founder of oracle at six and Mexican Carlos at seven,Koch brothers at 8 and 9,mayor of New York Bloomberg at 10.

Donald Trump dropped to a whooping 220 says the Forbes magazine. But as snoops allege this is seemed to have been due to the recent elections that would have taken a toll on his wealth and also the closure of the trump towers.America led with the most number of billionaires with a total of 565, followed by china with 319 and German with 114.