By staff writer

Fik Fameica might be jailed.


Fast rising and dancehall singer Fik Fameica, real name Shafik Walukaga mightface it rough in court after failing to perform at the recently held Ice Cream and Cake Festival that was organized at Uganda Museum yet he was given a deposit of UGx 1Million.

After his manager, Karma Ivan has received the money, The Ice Cream and Cake Festival was supposed to be closed up by Fameica but he rather came very late at the venue when almost everyone had left and when he was asked to pay back the UGx 1Million deposit he was given, he instead just asked for his balance which the organisers refused to give him.

Fameica refused to pay the Shs1m and drove off to Entebbe where he was supposed to perform at the Club DJ Awards. Now the organisers of the cake festival have filed a court case against the singer.


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