Geofrey Massa, former Cranes striker shot at last night by police.

According to reports, police found his car parked by the road side in Bweyogerere late in the night, asked him to open and he refused. He knocked the police bike before speeding off, which prompted the officers to shoot at the car. Massa sustained a few injuries and is currently at Ggwatiro clinic in Bweyogerere.

In an attempt to stop them, officers attempted to shoot the tyres of the vehicle and subsequently injured the lady in the vehicle.
He, Geoffrey Massa suddenly stopped, almost hit another motorist and allegedly hit his forehead on the windscreen, injuring himself.
He rushed to a nearby clinic called GWATIRO and he has received medical attention.

“The woman friend, one Josephine Maliza, appropriately 25 years old got a bullet wound and is equally getting treatment at the same facility. She is not dead, not even in critical condition according to reports got from the medical teams handling them”, Police revealed.