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A lot of women will use a certain sense of mystery to try to get men to become interested in them. However, a lot of men are going to hate having to deal with women who make it just too hard for them to figure things out. Love is already complicated enough as it is.


You don’t respond to his text messages right away.

You deliberately don’t reply to him right away so that you give him the impression that you’re a busy gal. You don’t want to be giving him all of your time. You don’t want him to think that you’ve been waiting around for his text.

You give him the silent treatment to test how he would react.

You can say so many things by saying nothing at all – and not many guys are able to understand that. And you want to make sure that he does.

You give him affection out of the blue.

If you employ the “withhold affection” manipulation technique on him, then this is a great follow-up. You give him affection out of the blue and see that he’s going to be so thankful for it. And he’s going to treat you so much better than usual because of it.

You flirt with other men in front of him.

You don’t want him to think that he has you locked down. You don’t want him to think that he has you in his pocket. And so you flirt with other guys to make him think that he has to continually work for your love and attention.

You rehash old arguments to start up some drama.

Sometimes, when things are getting a little boring in a relationship, you might try to stir up some drama just for the fun of it. It’s your way of keeping things interesting. You don’t want to be making things too easy for him.


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