By Staff Writer

Chris Johnz and herbalist Kojja Kimbowa’s despute has taken another twist, the latest we have is Kiboowa accusing the Kawunyemu hit maker of snatching ABS TV presenter Camilla from him and he claims she was his wife.

However our cops tried to reach Chris Johnz for a comment and here is what he had to say about the whole situation

“I didn’t take any woman from Kimbowa, i have been with Camilla for quite a good time and she has never been his wife. I think he is trying to use her name to  sale off his herbs or to be famous, but i am assuring him that that wasn’t the best idea he chose to promote his herbs, he has to put respect on my name and find something else that can promote his herbs.

The singer also added that this is not an issue to waste time on and rather he is to focus on his music career and recently he shot Omwana W’omunyakole video featuring Dr Bitone and rumor already has it that the singer was dedicating it to Camilla

We will keep you posted