Compiled By Waiswa Brian

I hate Politics. I really do, FDC stop preaching hate and division, we supported you and will support for the right reasons but not this BS of boycotting people because they don’t agree with you, are you going to kill everyone that goes against you when you take over power (that’s if we ever vote for you again) The people of Uganda need HOPE, WE NEED UNITY, We need to be all together and fight evil together. Not to be torn up

Radio City’s Bryan Mckenzie

This is unfortunate, especially from a party like FDC. This is a democratic country and we as people who participated in the Tubonga Nawe project had a choice to make.I wish FDC put MATHS in their arguments, it will help them not see Uganda’s issues in fiction

Singer Bebe Cool

Disappointed that with all the brains in FDC, that is what you would come up with. Guys, kindly think harder, we need brighter ideas. Thanks

KFM’s Wasike Abdu

What a weird campaign.This is so ridiculous from FDC as a political party not a human activist group.

 – Sanyu FM’s Fat Boy a.k.a James Onen

Its fine,they can boycot our music venues.We have our own die hard fans who appreciate our music and i expect them to always attend our shows.

 – Goodlife Manager ‘Chagga’

I think FDC is losing the plot

Comedian Salvador Idringi