In an era where Ugandan farmers grapple with marketing their produce, and (where) consumers have to brave a number of inconveniences in order to get fresh produce, a solution has been born.

Bringo Fresh is excited to announce the first bridge between Ugandan farmers and technology, a platform that lets individuals order fresh produce online and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

According to Bringo Fresh CEO Brian Matsiko, all consumers have to do is either download the BringoFresh app on their phones, or visit and after browse and select to order.

“By using the BringoFresh to purchase produce, you are supporting local farmers, and consequently fostering the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) development notion. But even more importantly, is that all the produce sold on our platforms is fresh and highly nutritious. Yet, still, the delivery in most parts of Kampala is free, which not only saves customers money but aids and eases the planning for grocery shopping and the entire household budget,” relayed Matsiko.

Bringo workers show off the components of the delivery boxes at the launch recently.

This was at a press tour of the BringoFresh office premises at the Uganda Cares Building on Kira Road Kampala. Members of the press were taken through the mechanics used to ensure timely deliveries, and the criterion of determining fresh products and how other consumer queries are met.

Among the fresh produce that BringoFresh deals in are fruits, vegetables, fish and meat among others.

About BringoFresh:

Bringo Fresh is a business that sources fresh produce for delivery direct to its clients’ door step. We are dedicated to supporting Ugandan farmers that produce the best quality produce and we want you to benefit from it.