By Waiswa Brian

While appearing on NTV The Beat yesterday, Singer Bobi Wine premiered his new video ‘Ndi Muna Uganda’ as he also took off time and addressed a few issues concerning the artistes who featured in the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ project which was aimed at supporting President Museveni and also why his beef with Weasel can never happen.

 Bobi Wine while on air,i quoted him; “All Artistes have the right to support anyone and i cant condemn them for that because they are also citizens of Uganda, i urge them to use their voices since they can now reach the President and advice him wisely. All artistes have there objectives in this industry,making money on their side isn’t bad because of the current situation.I once took on a ‘Waragi’ advertising deal knowingly that most youth use it addictively hence ruining them,So no one has a right to blame any artiste,all i want is for them to stand for the truth because am not on any political side. Definitely i would also sing for President Museveni if am given the chance cause i have no problem with him”.