By Waiswa Brian

Socialite and big spender Shanitah Namuyimbya a.k.a ‘Bad Black’ has been finally set free after serving 4 years in Jail.Bad Black had become a heroine in Kampala, where  she could spend and splash cash on a fleet of luxury cars for herself and friends, and bought countless rounds of drinks in exclusive nightclubs for her followers.

Bad Black who was jailed after a court hearing between September 2011 till July 2012 where she was found guilty of embezzling Shs 11bn from DaviShan Company she co-owned with then lover Greenhalgh ,Namuyimba stole £2,385,087 that Mr Greenhalgh had transferred from the UK to facilitate the business. Rumor had it that Mr Greenhalgh had continued to visit Namuyimba ‘while in prison’, adding: ‘He continued  to visit her saying he loves her  and he sent her £40,000 as a birthday present.

Bad Black has been sent free this morning.we shall keep you updated if she will continue with her singing career as she had communicated before.