By staff writer

Here we go 2018, Your Love-Honorebel ft Charly black X Pitbull x Bebe cool is out. It’s a Jamaica, Miami and Uganda connection which is all the ingredients you need to make a hit record like “Your Love” club remix.

Honorebel and Charly Black from Jamaica, Pitbull from Miami via Cuba, Bebe Cool and Herbert Skillz from Uganda, pretty much makes this record a Global and International club banger.

Easily the most unclassified artist, Honorebel returns with his brand new hit “Your Love” club remix featuring Charly Black, Pitbull and Bebe Cool, produced by Herbert Skillz.

The new single and remix is a great depiction of his journey as an international, crossover musician. This latest release of Honorebel’s “Your Love”club remix is filled with culture and experience ranging widely from different influences.

When asked to comment on “Your Love” club remix, Honorebel had this to say “I feel like music is a feelings and a vibes, so I go where ever that vibes and feelings takes me.

listen to the song;