Industrial area based urban television set for closure.

Our enewsug team has been on ground and unearthed the rumor on the urban TV corridors that management and board of vision group has decided to close the station.

There have been series of events that included frequent complaints from the marketing team on how they cant get sponsors since the stations programs basically focus on a young audience compared to their(sponsors) focus of reaching all age groups .The fall in viewership and hence fall in profits has made the station nothing but a liability to the group sources reveal.This has  left the station with “no choice” said an undercover source.

Majority presenters are also fleeing the station due to uncertainty and no pay.Leading the trail was the legendary DJ bush baby who was a pioneer of the station,after the move others presenters have also decided to bail out before they ship sinks with them in it.

“When you are on tv many think you have money and have to maintain a particular lifestyle which is hard since we do not even get paid!”said one of the workers to our snoops.

In closed door meetings that have been going on secretly,they intend to announce the closure before May,our reliable sources have revealed.

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