“Times are hard i cant date a broke chic” says a Gerald(a toyboy from Makerere kikoni)

Too much attention has been put on girls and women “detoothing” men but a new trend of men robbing women has has caught Kampala like a contagious viral scourge.Unlike the female side where boundaries are clearly drawn where a woman hooks a male and a memorandum of sorts is agreed upon, that stands til the close of ‘business’. For these dubious men its different.

They study a lady, mark her lifestyle,they deliberately charm there way into a lady’s heart just like a herbivorous mammal stalks its pray, they glaid,waiting for soft spot from where they can suck the victims blood(read finances). Amazingly they invest and paint the picture of a perfect gentleman,a human version of cupid himself, before they unleash the beastly side of them to the most times love struck and brainwashed female.In an interview with a one victim of these boys Martha(not real names)

“The guy was so good, i fell in love in that i hated anyone who said anything bad about him,he took me to cloud nine!,he had no ‘no’ in his mouth she chuckles.He talked future,everything you can imagine of a perfect gentleman, but little did i know what lay ahead of me.After building a lot of trust in him he asked me to bail him out of a debt of 3 million shillings that he would pay back in a week.But i was so deep that not even my conscience would stop me,owing to the fact that i would afford the money.After that transaction,a week became months,and my knight in shining Armour had gone,vanished! i tried to reach him in vain,everything he had showed me was his was gone,all his social media accounts in a flash had gone missing! there was no trace of him and all i would hold onto was memories.”says Martha (not real name).

She calls upon girls to watch out for men who look “too good to be true”


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