Some of the country’s biggest names in golf will be in Entebbe this weekend as the Singleton Golf Challenge resumes with its third round on Saturday, March 11, 2017. The highlight at the Entebbe Club will be the professional golfers such as Fred Wanzala, Denis Anguyo, Deo Akope and Phillip Kasozi.

They will be joining the 16 pairs left in the tourney that teed off in mid January this year.  

“This is the first of its kind for the pros that will be at this tourney, as they will be playing match play for the grand prize of Shs12m. And this is all thanks to UBL, its innovation and love for the game. This tournament will keep the pros busy as they wait for the Uganda Open,” said Entebbe Club vice president Oscar Semawere.

Tee off time is 7:00am. Action will run up to 2:00pm in a four ball better ball mode of play. The green fees stand at Shs30,000.

The Singleton-sponsored golf tourney is a continuation of the five-month long Singleton Challenge that will climax in May this year.

The winners and losers of the day will be soothed with an all-white themed celebration at the 19th hole.

“We can’t thank the Entebbe Club and its members enough for all the tee-off memories and moments registered thus far in this tourney. With the pleasurable Singleton as the companion of the day, we look forward to the great tee offs on the turf and the celebration at the 19th hole,” said Annette Nakiyaga, UBL’s Luxury Manager – Diageo Reserve.

The grand prize that awaits the winner of the challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime all-expenses paid trip  to watch The Open at the Royal Birkdale in Southport, England.

One can register their team by calling Lagoro Dickson on 0776595934.

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