Space Lounge hosted the dance hall diva Spice Diana on Wednesday in an epic evening of fun where she served and entertained customers while behind the counter. The ‘Onsanula’ singer was joined by Coco Finger who thrilled the crowd at the spacious VIP lounge with his hit songs like ‘Dont break my heart’, ‘Emikono wagulu’. Aziz Azion was among the crowd as Spice Diana gave her fans a special treat serving them all night long as the deejay keep the vibrant mood alive. Acting Spice Diana-Space Lounge Spice Diana-Space Lounge Spice Diana-Space Lounge 11 Coco Finger-Spice Diana-Space Lounge Spice Diana-Space Lounge 12 Spice Diana-Space Lounge 14as the night’s bar woman, Spiceattracted hordes of fans who wanted to have a glance at, let alone interact with her.



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