Fan with Chameleone's tattoo

By staff writer

Singer Dr Jose Chameleone’s ‘Hit After hit’ concert not only awakened the Uganda music, it left a land mark name in the music books of Africa. Its now taking over his fans who have come out rewarding the ‘Wale Wale’ singer with gifts, last week a fan gifted him with a brand new golden watch worth Shs9M. The watch which is a 24 karat golden type of watch is manufactured in the US.

Another Fan has come out branding Chameleone as the Greatest.Of.All.Time, with a tattoo on his arm.
Fan with Chameleone's tattoo
Jose Chameleone became and is still the only Ugandan ever to be nominated for the World Music awards in 2014 which have an estimated worldwide audience of over 1 billion viewers


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