Scuffle in born again churches as pastor burns bible

Renown city pastor and founder of Salt television pastor Aloysius Bugingo has caused an outburst on social media and fellow born again churches after his now famous stunt of burning bibles that mention holy ghost in stead of holy spirit.

The pastor who urged that the word holy ghost was meant to mean evil spirits and did not conform to doctrines preached by the born again christian faith fraternity.He later went ahead to burn all bibles that mention the word publicly as he attributed the word to cause division in the sect and also misguide the congregation.

The act thou wasn’t taken lightly as other born again pastors stormed the Mengo based station as they ranted and spewed ungodly sentiments at the station entrance as they were barred from accessing the premises that were heavily flanked by security personnel.

“Bugingo is so foolish and he must come out and tell us what he really meant by what he did!” said a pastor we met at the station gate who preferred anonymity.

News reaching our desk is that the pastors are set to hold a strike to have the station closed following a closed door pastors meeting that was held at the Rubaga based miracle center church and called for by Pastor Robert Kayanja.

We shall keep you posted about progress of the saga.

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