Prison break series back with a bang!

Just when you thought it was well and truly over for Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, along comes Prison Break: Resurrection.
And it looks like the popular show isn’t the only thing coming back from the dead. Resurrection sees Fox take the series take a new twist as it dates back to its original roots with the brothers reuniting behind bars.

Pirated copies have already found their way on Kampala streets and Ugandans are enthusiastic about it. It is brisk business, according to Kim Lule a dealer on Zai Plaza. “The demand is so high. I make sales of up to sh100, 000 daily on just that one episode,” he reveals.

The nine-part series is set eight years after Michael Scofield faked his own death in Prison Break: The Final Break. Prison Break: Resurrection started on Fox US last Tuesday, April 4 but in Uganda, pirated copies are already being supplied.
The first episode starts with a voice over from Michael: “Freedom has a price.” “But the dead talk… if you listen.”

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