In the aftermath of Bobi Wine’s land wrangle in Busabala, the Buganda Kingdom called a press conference yesterday at which the Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga, made a response to the singer’s dilemma.
The Katikkiro referred to Bobi Wine as the bad son that should be apprehended for theft. “A Muganda having a land title indicating ownership of a particular piece of land doesn’t give him sole ownership of any other Kabaka’s land that he did not officially purchase,” expressed Mayiga.
“Just because you are the King’s man and you have occupied Kabaka’s land, it doesn’t mean you own land past your territory and whoever does it illegally will be punished,” he warned.
Last week, the Buganda Land Board demolished property on a piece of land allegedly taken over by Bobi Wine illegally. The piece of land served as a car park for his One Love Beach in Busabala. Soon a verbal battle between Bobi Wine, his family members and fans set in motion against kingdom loyalists. Bobi Wine later threatened to report a mafia group at Mengo to the Kabaka.
Its so unfortunate that a man who has been so loyal to the kingdom to a a point that he braced upon himself a title ‘omubanda wa kabaka’ would be treated in such a ruthless manner,so unfortunate indeed.

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