By Joy Lydia

The days when sex trade was was for low lives who failed at education and would only offer “yoyo” trade since that’s the only capital they would afford, The wave has now drifted, from them to higher institutions of learning(universities and institution)  now on to secondary schools.

They leave home well glared in their their school uniforms and school bags stocked with mini skirts,patras ,high shoes just the complete attires for the trade.They take advantage of abandoned houses,friends hostel rooms and lodges to change and go about their business.

An undercover EnewsUG team reporter had a conversation with a victim of these high school “yoyo” vendors and he Jake(not real name) then narrated to us his o deal as follows:

How they operate

Its a chain,unlike other sex vendors who parade their goods on streets late night,these are like a community.After one has had a client she requests for his friends contacts or steals them out his contacts on his phone, of which she shares with her friends who share with friends and round and round the chain goes. They then text the targets and send nude photos with price tags attached.”the one who texted me asked me if i am interested in a threesome and sent her friend pictures as well. i was shocked!” said the rather ecstatic Jake .

The vice is at its peak in areas of Kireka, Bweyogerere and Banda slum belt. Leaving us with the question who is to blame for the morality degeneration, would it be the teachers, technology advancement and social media, loose parenthood or authoritarians permissiveness?.

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