Radio cancels plot on taking traffic officer to court.

Good life musical artist moze radio alias Moses Sekibogo made news last week.Social media was abuzz with an empathetic message after a video of him being man handled by traffic police man went viral.Word reaching the enews gossip page,however has hit that the goodlyf  team has chosen not to pursue the cause.

After the incident Radio vowed to sue the police man.A battled radio spewed a barrage of emotional laced threats to the police man,whose name is yet to be identified.It is however safe to assume that it was a head-of-the-moment kind of rant.Because according tho reliable sources say the vocalist got back to is senses and decided to drop the case.Our sources also say he decided to seek advice from a fellow artists and friends,its from the advice that he decided not to pursue the case with the traffic officer,explains our source.We only pray that these insanity bouts don’t continue seeing as good life’s musical career,s relevance is waning.

We shall not take further legal action says good life manager

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