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The Godfather EA Releases Audition dates… GFEA2018 House likely to be watched live from K24

The highly talked about Reality TV show The Godfather East Africa, every city in East Africa including the media have made the All Celebrity television show the subject since the Application Process started, applicants between the age of 21-35 years living in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda & Tanzania submitting their Audition forms for a gateway into the GFEA2018 House worth Kshs. 2.5 millions.

     Shortly, after The Godfather East Africa had began advanced talks with Rwandair as to being the official carrier for the contestants, GFEA also cealed a deal with DINGAH Kenya – a motor company which will provide four (4) Toyota VX cars for each EA country just for the contestants to move around.

     The Godfather East Africa this week has encountered three (3) exciting stories for the applicants, one was the subdomain for exclusively auditions only found at:

     The Godfather East Africa now receiving huge volumes of application forms from the four cities.

     The Godfather East Africa this week also, have met with the Mediamax Production team in Nairobi, this is likely to have the GFEA2018 House officially telecasted or broadcasted at K24 (Kenya) although official announcements are to be made before close of office this month.

     The Godfather East Africa will only have live House Broadcast from the official broadcaster’s platform, and recorded version will be watched on partnership selected local TV stations in; Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda.

     The Godfather East Africa this week, the third exciting thing is the Audition Dates have been released as seen below:



Audition One

City Dates

Audition Two

7th January Nairobi 30th January Nairobi
11th January Kampala 2nd February Kampala
16th January Kigali 4th February Kigali
21st January Dar es Salaam 6th February Dar es Salaam
17th February NAIROBI

     The Godfather East Africa shall communicate the Reporting dates & Eviction dates for all the selected contestants after the Selection day. Also more, GFEA producers shall have a Celebration Circuit with the last two (2) contestants & winner of the GFEA2018 House touring all the four cities by end of the house!!!

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