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Talk about a cat with nine lives talk about Mark Kigozi. The former Watoto church and NBS TV Presenter, soft spoken Kigozi after being booted from the churches on unknown grounds, many would have thought that was the end for the virtuous Man of God but alas! he went ahead to start up his on church deemed the real life church situated in Namboole stadium whose name also con-sides with the television show he hosts on NBS television. Despite the fact that the church numbers have not matched the Watoto church pace yet word has it that its steadily growing.

Now rumor reaching the EnewsUG gossip desk is that the pastor landed a juicy gig that is worth billions of shillings weekly. The bubbly man of God is recently being sported (on social media)changing fancy cars and having various vacations in Brazil and the west indies. Way to go Pastor.

Pastor Mark Kigozi on a cruise ship in Brazil

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