Emmah Napoleon has morphed. His career has shade a lot of names. He was once a prince, and lately, he goes by the title; ‘emperor.’ Yet even then, many argue he is unsung. But really, he is widely celebrated. He has done it all. He has performed at every major comedy show in Uganda. And a long side all the comedy big wigs in the country. That he had never done a show of his own baffles even his fellow comedians.

News however reaching our desk has it that the comedian is going to stage his very first comedy show. Our sources at Laftaz Comedy Lounge, where the Itesot comedian plies his daily trade, relay that he is in plans of organizing his very first comedy show. And to do that, the comedian recently released his very first performance CD.

When we called the comedian about the show, he relayed that he was still in talks with a number of partners, and that he would communicate the dates soon.

“It is due to public demand really. I honestly also thought my own show was long over due, but I think the pressure has been amassed by friends, fellow comedians and mostly, fans,” relayed Emmah Napoleone.

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