Organizer Peter Katonene bags 160m out of CMVA awards.

Organizer of the club music and video awards (CMVAs) and also CEO of urbane ltd seems to be laughing all his way to the bank as news reaching our enewsug reveals.The business man proved the saying that business is not for the faint hearts right as he walked the fair-lady “miss 160m” to the bank.Despite critics and all the negative energy being peddled around the cyber streets and all other media platforms on how the event was projected to be a “flop” since major show stopping artists the likes of Sheeba Karungi and Bebe cool pulling out.

Unbroken and having the zeal to make thing happen,Katonene worked arm and leg to make the event “lit”. Together with fenon events,the production,lighting and ambience where all on point.Coupled by the aggressive marketing and publicity,the show totally sold out!and so were Peter Katonenes worries.

After an event that was evidently a landslide victory,the bar has been set Peter Katonene next time we shall need to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt before we can make you smile your way to the bank again.Truly he who laughs last,laughs best.To the critics who is laughing now?